King City

The main large city. Located on the northeast edge of the island outside of Rabbit Forest. 

There are farming fields and grass between Rabbit Forest and King City. 

The city has a harbor for trading ships that never came. Sailing is impossible. 

King City is at the lowest level of the sea and where the waves are not as deadly as the rest of the coast around the Island. But still impossible 

to get around. 

The White King does believe that one day there will be explored other lands and the sea will be conquered. 

From time to time ships do come but as wrecks. No ship from the kingdom has ever survived any voguer. Except for the Elven Moon Ship.

The White Castle

At the coast, right to the bay of White Harbor, is the home of the White King. 

The castle's design is very lean, clean, and white. 

The inside follows the color code of white, green, and gold. 

The left wing next to the bay is the smallest part where the court lives and cares for everything. 

Across the bridge from the King's war room is the Knight's tower, where Amir and his knights have a great view over the city and town Square. The dungeon jail is under the Knights tower, where Benny, a very loyal and committed guard, lives.

Royal garden

The castle has a garden in the back with a great view of the deadly cliffs to the sea and the statue of the dead White Queen. The garden is open to the public but very few will visit, in respect for the King's privacy.

City Wall

The wall around King City has a main gate to the west and a small harbor gate to the north. 

Traders and visitors have to pay 3 copper coins in tax to enter. 

All people from all of the kingdom are allowed to enter for trading. But there are restrictions on how many Goblins can be in the city simultaneously. 

There are signs on the wall showing the rules:

The wall has catapult defenses and some watchtowers with bells. 

You can see The White Castle and The Wizard Tower over the wall from a distance outside the city. 

The guards use the lanterns from The Wizard’s Tower to measure how many Goblins are in town. 

Among the inside of the wall is where you find small rabbit homes.

The Wizard Tower

Somewhere in the left corner of the city, there is a narrow twisted tall tower

This is where the Priests try to understand magic. 

The tower is built and held together only with magic to demonstrate their magic. And that’s why it looks like something that could fall apart anytime. 

Under the depression and the Goblin War, the Wizards Tower did collapse doing the lack of Rabbits in town. 

The banner of the Priests is dark blue with a White Rabbit

The Priests are the keeper of the rabbits and the one that tries to communicate with the other magical creatures. 

Mr. Hank is an outcast member of the Priests. 

The tower has different lanterns that will glow in different colors depending on the presence of magic in the city: 

Green for Goblins. 

Blue for Wolfs. 

Yellow for Elven. 

And White for Rabbits. 

Normally most of them shine white and hopefully not green at night.

The Orphans

The home of the forever caring Gerda with the poor children. 

What used to be the first Tavern in King City is now the home of the 30 orphans. Gerda is trying her very best to take care of everything, but funds are not easy to come by. The roof needs repairs and the kids are sleeping on the floor or sharing the 10 beds she has. 

Gerda makes sure that all kids are well-taught and have great manners. 

Even though the luxury bakery is right next to them on the main street, none of her kids has ever stolen from it, even when hunger is at its peak. 

Many citizens have complained about having a wreck of a house with orphans right on the main street together with the fancy shops and want the king to relocate them. The king sees the main streets as the mirror of the town's soul, and hiding them away will only make people ignore them even more, so his answer will always be: 

“If you disagree with Our decision, We recommend adopting kids for a better home.”

But people have trouble doing so. They want to complain and let the King fix everything.

The Bakery

Right next to the Orphans, you find the expensive Bakery. 

The baker is a businessman. And he knows there are coins to be made from people buying bread for the poor kids next door. 

His customers usually buy extra because of that. 

But he will never give out his bread for free. 

At the bakery: 

Customer - ohh look at those poor kids next door.

Baker - What about them?

Customer - I do hope you give them some of your bread. 

Baker - Do you believe that they should be given free food? 

Customer - Yes! Look at them. They need food and care. 

Baker - Then I will gladly sell you all the food you want to give them for free. 

Customer - Eh?

The baker has a small basket of carrots on the side of the house for the Rabbits.

The Black smith

The Kingdom best Black Smith. 

You may find other blacksmiths in some of the villages around the island, but no one tops this, not even the elves. The elves do not craft that much here on the island. They usually get their crafts done on the mainland, given that they are the only ones able to do so by their Moon Ship. 

The blacksmith may be the richest man in town next to the king but only small details on his house show that. He tries to blend in but has to do something about the many gold coins he earns, so he melts them or uses them as decorations in his house. 

The blacksmith looks kind but is muscular with big hands. He lost his wife in the Goblin war. She fought together with Amir to recover the rabbits. He has a grown daughter that got soulbound as a child with one of the rabbits that survived the war. His daughter is skinny, but with her magic and rabbit, they make lovely iron art and doorknobs, while her father makes the weapons and armor. The rabbit does not wish to help with the weapons.

The blacksmith shop has two baskets of fresh carrots for the Rabbits.

Elven Alchemist

The very first shop you see after entering the main gate. It is small but lean and Elvish. 

Mostly it is just a small tower with 3 levels and an outside staircase. 

It is the first place elves visit when coming to the city to hear gossip and stay informed of what the crazy humans are up to. 

The shop’s items have two prices, one for Elves and one for Humans. They do not trade with other people. Because the Goblins shall not get their hands on their stuff, the Rabbits have the humans to buy for them and the Foxes can get what they need for free. 

His name is Carøe and he is a posh male up-tight elver dressed in a light white rope and has a shoulder long sleek blond hair.

The alchemist has a fine elven-decorated basket with 1 carrot for the Rabbits.


A large tavern to welcome the many travelers from the villages. The big 3 winged building holds a stable for horses and cows at the right. The center building is the bar where you only are allowed if you are drunk. You see all kinds of people hanging out at the porch to the entrance, singing and having a great drunk time. But not the rabbits,  they only come here to pick up and support the poor drunk and try to get them home. 

One thing is for sure, if you party with your best pal, fox, they will only pretend to be as drunk as you and snatch everything you have. But what a party. 

Oh.. and hanging out with a drunk Goblin will for sure give you many free drinks and a broken arm. 

The left wing has rooms for hire, and there is even an Elvish room.

No one knows for sure who runs the tavern, but it seems to be one of the foxes or whoever is behind the counter. Just pay and enjoy your stay.

The Tavern has a broken basket with no carrots on the ground for the Rabbits.

The Bad house

A small square house with only a door and a closed window with wood planks. 

The [censored by the elves] living here is a [censored by the elves] look-alike. There are some [censored by the elves] hints hidden in plain sight.

General goods

The proclaimed richest man in town, and the one you can always trust to scam you. He even scams the foxes. 

He has the most prominent house and he sells everything. Yes, he is taken directly from the middle east Bazar trading clique. “EVERYTHINGS FOR SALE, with a special price for you my friend.” 

He does have a basket with LOTS of free carrots for Rabbits on the outside. Because it is expected for all shopkeepers to have so, and he wants to flex himself in any way he can.