Special Characters and Divines

Ursa the goddess of destruction

Ursa is doom.

Ursa is rage. She is the very force of destruction. Ursa has escaped the realms of the Divines and has entered the land of the living in her solid form.

Ursa in her solid form is told to be a giant tall shadow bear monster. She is black with a black shadow fog aura and shining red eyes.

She is located on the isolated island of Yellowrod, where she sleeps in hibernation in the Goblin's mine.

Only the royals know about her, and the Goblins, but they are too afraid to even speak her name.

The Goblin Shaman's Dark Magic is the only thing that keeps her asleep.

Ursa's presence in the land of the living has given the Humans an unique power. They have found out that the closest creation to Ursa is the bear, and with a blood sacrifice to Ursa she will give you the power to soulbound with a bear. That combination will make you as strong as a Wolf and give you the destructive power of Red Magic.

But there are no bears at Yellowrod so that is trouble elsewhere in the world of Crea. (Phew).

The Humans that worship Ursa are called Ursanias.

The Red magic that comes with their soul-bounding makes them immune to pain and they only seek selfish destruction and domains of everything. Not even Goblins get that mad, they just seek some fun in the random chaos they create. But Ursanias... It is only selfish madness.

The Moon Dragon/Draconis Lunae

Moon Dragon is the counterforce to everything.

The divine over the divines, the goddess and protector of the dimensions. She is the most powerful of all divines and the creator of many things. The realm of the divines is a mystery for all, except for the Elves that claim to understand it.

Even though The Moon Dragon is the most powerful of them all, she is not the almighty creator. There is no almighty, only a balance between the cosmic powers divided between the divines that create life and magic.

The Moon Dragon works as the last resort and the counterbalance that will keep everything in balance.

The Elves have connections to her magic and the Wolves are her ground forces to obey her will, but her favorite creation is The Goblins.

Some said that creations spawn out of a conflict or love between the other divines and only The Moon Dragon can create out of her own will, which makes many wonder why she created the Goblins.

Unfortunately, no one really knows about the other divines because the Elves will not share their knowledge, they simply think that it will only spread more chaos and war if the rest of the world would know. So they only teach about the Moon Dragon. Ursa they can't hide because she is here in the realm of the living, but they try.


Martha is a Chicken

The poor chicken from Helga’s Inn.

She has a blue flower on her head.


Staying alive and being a chicken.

Martha is somehow very important to Bunneh and might be the most important character or something?