About Rabbits

The Rabbits

The most important of all people are the Rabbits.

They carry the white magic and are the essence of life itself among us.

They are pure, innocent, naive and will always help the needs

of others before themselves.

But they are fragile and woundable.

A heartbroken Rabbit will turn it's White Magic into the devastating

and destructive Dark Magic.

A Dark Rabbit will never use it's magic, but let it consume

their will of life and seek solitude to die of sorrow.

That's what the Goblins are looking for, because a Goblin Shaman

can harvest the Rabbits Dark Magic- and use it!

The Rabbits' White Magic

Rabbit Magic

The White Rabbit Magic is an extension of the Rabbit's good nature.

The magic is what life is supposed to be. It heals, creates and keeps your sorrow away. It is the joy that keep life worth living.

Rabbits and Humans can be soulbound. When that happens the magic will multiply and the Human and the Rabbit will know of each other's feelings and together they will make wounders.