The brand of Bunneh The Rabbit is copyrighted and protected by Swedish law.

All characters, stories, and world-building elements under the brand of Bunneh The Rabbit belong to the copyright holder and author Jens Richard.

All material from the brand may not be copied, sold, or claimed as owned by other than the copyright holder.

Fan art, fan fiction, or other fan creations are allowed for personal use only, but they may not be sold without a license.

All fan creators who submit their fan creations to the copyright holder freely give them the right to display said fan creations on and associated social media for promotion purposes of the brand of Bunneh The Rabbit. Furthermore, fan creators allow the copyright holder to sell digital or printed materials that collect fan creations without receiving royalty or financial shares from the copyright holder. The copyright holder may not sell any standalone fan creations without permission from the creator of the material.

The copyright holder does not approve of sexual portrayal or horror or gore of minor characters for public display.

If there any doubt or questions about copyright, contact: 

Licensed fan crations

Rules of licensed fan creation, including text above:
The fan creator who is given a license may create and sell their own styled material from the brand Bunneh the Rabit.
All licensed fan creations are not bound to pay or share the income from said work with the copyright holder.
The copyright holder is entitled to redraw and cancel this license at any time if the material may harm Bunneh The Rabbit's brand.
Licensed Fan Creation may not include:
- General NSFW/porn, horror, or gore.
- Sexual portrayal or horror or gore of minor characters.
- Support or hatred of any real-life political or religious issues.

To apply for a license; follow the rules above and submit your work to: