Running with the pack


It is time to let you know more about the lore and world of my story. From time to time, that can be a little dull to read; therefore, I will let the cute Young Wolf Pup tell you some of the basics. Please enjoy.

Tales From Yellowrod episode 4: Running with the pack, a Wolf story.

Hi, I'm Pup!

I'm the youngest Wolf on Yellowrod, and I'm here to tell you a bunch of secrets and everything that you should or should not know because we Wolves are the ones that really know everything. We just don't share it with anybody (usually). The people of the world have to figure it out for themselves. We only interfere when they mess up for good.

The world is called Crea and has a bunch of lands. The lands are ruled by Kings and Queens of different races, mainly by Humans and Elves. Actually, only Humans and Elves, now that I think about it. But the most significant land is Fastjord, where the High Queen rules everything. She's an Elver and blessed by The Moon Dragon. She tries to maintain all the stupid conflicts, war, and politics in the world. Still, Yellowrod is something that stands out from the rest. We are such a small and isolated island, but our conflicts may result in the balance of the entire world.

Now let me tell you about us Wolves.

My dad, Alpha, is the unchallenged leader and the one who takes all decisions of any Wolf. No one dares to do otherwise. I have the rank and name of Pup in our pack. We Wolves are named after our position, and every Wolf has its purpose.

The rank and name of Alpha is the leader (doo, you already know that obvious), then comes the title of Beta.

Beta is the Wolf with the closest connection to Dragonis Lunea, also called The Moon Dragon. She is the mighty of all the divines, and we Wolves do everything to obey and carry out her will. Alpha calls us the Divines Ground Forces for that purpose.

Typical for us Wolves is to have Alpha and Beta as the lead mating couple, and I'm the puppy of them because Beta is my mom.

Charlie is the rank of a scout, and our Charlie might be stronger than my dad, but he's too dumb to lead anyone and has a shallow connection to the moon magic. I love him because he teaches me how to survive without magic, and we have a lot of fun together when Alpha isn't around.

The next rank is Delta, the vice and the one to bring knowledge to Alpha for him to make the right decisions. I wanna be Delta when I grow up. I love getting to know stuff, and I love to chat about stuff, but our Delta is very old and has way more experience than me, so it is only fair that she is Delta. So, for now, I'm just Pup the Pup, and Pups are just Pups with no special assignment.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes, the rank and name of Echo are next. Well, that's our flank. The one to hide in the shadow, observe the pack, and strike when one expects it. She doesn't talk much and is not that fun to play with; she's not that much around anyway?

Anyway, our Echo is a very nice and humble Wolf; she causes no trouble and always does what's been told. She has a strong Moon Magic and could be a great Beta one day; who knows? The only thing about Echo is that she often wanders off alone (with Alpha's permission of cause). I think it's because she has difficulty fitting in with the pack and needs her time off. Or? She's good at being Echo to hide in the shadow?

I do not know much of all the other ranks below because our pack isn't larger than that. I heard of bigger packs outside Yellowrod, but I have never met them.

I once asked Echo what she felt about our mission here at Yellowrod. She said she would fulfill her purpose with pride and joy, but her tail was very low, and she turned to Beta, who started to comfort her. Delta told me that we Wolves might know the possible future outcome, but some Wolves have trouble accepting it. So many mysteries; maybe I will be told more one day?

I'm too young to have been given visions or guidance from the Moon Magic or The Moon Dragon herself. Still, I know we are here to carry out a more significant event that may result in many of our deaths one day. We may be the most powerful beings in the world by size, power, and magic, but we are not immortal, and our strength will be tested someday. We shall all be ready to accept whatever faith to be given.

Until then, we will just roam the island of Yellowrod as the supreme masters and do and eat whatever we wish, and no one can touch us. Hahaha. Oh, besides, we have to maintain the balance of life. We are not the rulers, but we hold the kings and queens accountable for their actions, and we will "adjust" the balance of power to maintain the balance of the world.

Here at Yellowrod, it is the Humans that are in charge. They have their king called The White King, the fifth in King City to the East, and he's doing a great job of keeping the balance. Way better than the former White King, the fourth, that one we had to stop because he gave all the Rabbits to the Goblins. And Rabbits are the most important people in the world (next to us of cause). We stormed the gate of King City and killed the old king. Alpha thought I was too young, and having the full force of the pack storming the Humans was overkill and out of balance, so he wanted me to stay and guard our mountain in the south. How lame was that? Very lame, I'll tell ya!

Okay, back to the Rabbits. They have the White Magic, which is the most powerful magic of them all and is what keeps everything together. The Rabbits are so pure and innocent, and they will never use their power in any way to harm anyone. They are just the being of life among us. And they have the yummiest taste of all prays, according to Charlie. Still, Alpha does not like when a Rabbit has to die, even when it sometimes is for the better of the balance or something? I don't know, I have never eaten a Rabbit, and I'm not sure I dare to?

Anyway, I might need to tell you that we Wolves only need feeding one night a month, we are mostly living off the Moon Magic alone, but if you cross our path in our hunt the first night of the full moon, then you will be a part of the greater balance by supporting the Wolves survival. (Wow, that was a cool way to say we're gonna eat ya! Ha ha.)

I especially love those snacks "Hero Humans" when they come to our mountain to test their might. They taste the best.

I really don't get them, Humans? Believe they can beat us? Why do they always think so much about themselves??

I don't like Goblins; they taste so badly. Ewww. But they usually don't need to be "adjusted." They just goof around in the wasteland to the west and kill themselves in some spectacular, funny way, and we are not supposed to go there either. It might be too dangerous for the balance to have us Wolves near the Goblin mine. Our present might awake Ursa. And that would not be any good idea.

Ursa is the Goddess Of Destructions, a Devine Of Chaos that had entered the world of the living in her solid form of a bear. She lays in inhabit in the Goblins mine, and we do not disturb her. Oh, wait! I'm not supposed to even talk about this matter; please forget whatever "made-up story" I just came up with. Ehm…let me tell you about the special bond between the Foxes and the Elves instead.

The Elves are the majority of the world (outside Yellowrod); they control most of the lands under the rule of The High Queen. She bears the magic Crown blessed and given by Dragonis Lunea (Didn't I already tell you about this?) Anyway, The Elves are the oldest and most noble of the people, but unlike Humans, they cannot be soul-bound with other Magical beings. Humans are very bad at magic, but if they are soul-bound with Rabbits or others, the soul-bound magic will challenge everything.

The Elves are blessed with Moon Magic as we are, but the Foxes are very unique; they have no magic at all. They are immune, like in 100% immune. If it wasn't for the sheer size of us giant Wolves, the Foxes would have given us trouble. Everything can be healed, destroyed, or altered by magic, but not the Foxes. And somehow, that strong contrast in the balance of life and magic has drawn the Elves and Foxes together in an unquestionable loyalty that no one else understands.

So that's all from me; I'm not sure I have covered everything, but you should know what's going on by now.

The End

…oh, who is Bunneh, you ask? The "Chosen"? Ehm… that's a whole other story. That's the story of the only ever Darkborn Rabbit that might be the savior or destroyer of us all. And all that talk about keeping the balance in the world? That's very challenging when you have someone like Bunneh hanging around. I fear her more than Ursa's awaking.