Little Troublemaker


Welcome to the kingdom of Yellowrod, the small isolated island where any sailing to or from is impossible because of the hard sea and deadly sharp cliffs that surround it.

A Kingdom ruled by the Human White King who tries to keep the balance between all its citizens. This isn’t always an easy task when you have the entire world's species and culture represented in a tight space. Here you will not only find The Humans with their culture conflicts, but also the people of Goblins, Foxes, Rabbits, and even a pack of the giant Wolves to carry on the will of The Moon Dragon. But not everything is hopeless, the Elves are there too and are the only ones able to travel to the big outside world. The Elves have their magical Moon Ship that comes once a month within the first three nights of full moon with news from the mainland.

The best way of putting words on what Yellowrod is was made by the official Elven High Queen’s reporter Carøe. In one of his scrolls, he wrote: “You found no other small place, with that many troubles, like Yellowrod.”

Here is one of his scrolls.

The scrolls of Carøe to her holiness The High Queen:

An everyday report to understand the living at Yellowrod, under the title of:

“Little trouble maker.”

My dear High Queen, I must report the amazing little story that has come to my attention from a small Human village named Wood Town. It is located at the center of the island, in the heart of the Rabbit Forest, and it is most known for the caring and appreciated farmer and his wife that operates the location. (I failed their names, so I will call them by their profession. Humans tend to care more about what they accomplish than who they are anyway.)

One day Farmer and Farmer Wife found their valuable crops damaged beyond rehabilitation. The field was all disturbed, stumped, and run over by their bull, all of which a bypassing Goblin tried to ride the creature. The poor bull was all exhausted, confused, and on top of one of the four main buildings' rooftops.

The devoted employees on the farm were desperately struggling to get it down from its unnatural position.

Gratefully the Human Knight Amir and his four Knights of Yellowrod had seized the Goblin troublemaker before any significant havoc or destruction occurred. As they were on their way on their mounts, with the Goblin lashed on Knight Tank’s back, Farmer and Farmer Wife moved toward them with a bag of carrots. The Goblin was hanging with a vague body while pulling his tongue, he was not in approval of the end of his bull ride.

Farmer was slightly ashamed as he handed over the bag of carrots to Knight Amir as payment.

Quote: “Here my good sir Knight Amir. I'm sorry that I can’t pay you with gold but we are forever grateful for your services.”

As I have been noticing before, the reasonable Amir might be the Captain of the Knights but he always listens for guidance, particularly from the senior Knight Rodolfo. In this case, Rodolfo didn’t speak but glanced back at Amir with an “are-you-kidding-me” expression, and Amir refunded the carrots to Farmer with kind words.

Quote: “Please give my carrots to the Rabbit. You need her to be happy and let her white magic help you, if possible.” This is another instance of how the with-born Human selfishness does not apply to the Knights. My guess of Amir accepting advice was not for him to keep the carrots, but to avoid an impolite situation if he refused the offer.

The newest resident at Wood Town, Tina The Rabbit, was seen by my informant to walk sadly over the shattered field looking at the traumatic result of the event. Decent and naive as the Rabbits are, she even attempted to bring some of the wheat crops to stand, but it was all torn apart.

Farmer took the carrots back from Amir as Tina came to hold his wife’s hand. Farmer Wife was being thoughtful, and portrayed herself with hope to her husband, as she responded to Amir.

Quote: “Thank you, sir Knight. You are too kind, we will bring gifts to you and the White King when we return to King City with a new harvest.”

I found this as a very inconsistent Human behavior, for her to be giving at this point where loss is at its fullest. I report to you, there are exceptions for the species.

At this point, the bull unexpectedly got louder as it disagreed with the methods of the employees there were struggling to assist it down from the rooftop. The Goblin launched a laugh, which was not in the acceptance of Knight Tank. I must desire to ask for forgiveness for the phrases to come, they are according to my informant, the certain words there were spoken as he yelled at the Goblin and whirled his elbow around to strike a blow in his face.

Quote: “SHUT UP! Or you ride home with your head up my horse's ass!”

Lucky for the Goblin he was one of the smarter of his examples and used all his tactical mastery to calculate that laughing was not the best preference and silenced himself. Knight Anne, who I, personally, have witnessed to teach Knight Tank some manners, was giving up as Knight Daisuke struggled to support her with even worse words.

Quote: “Don’t worry Anne, he will not be that cruel to his horse...”

Farmer Wife got worried for the little green person (and the horse) so she shared it with the Knight.

Quote: “Please don’t harm him, normally we have good relations with the Goblins, they trade with us, it’s just this one who was troubled.”

Amir eases her troubled mind.

Quote: “No worries, we will return him to the wasteland and let the Goblin Shaman deal with him.”

As I have reported before, Amir comprehends the Goblins more than any others on this island, and he is the result of peace between Humans and Goblins since the past Goblin War where he redeemed the promised one, The Rabbit known as the Darkborn.

(Note to the Darkborn rapport, I still retain limited data to provide the full picture of the Humans intentions of her. I even suspect Princess Elvira, that you have stationed here at Yellowrod, to know more than she tells me.)

As the Knights rode off at The Elven Road, Farmer Wife broke down crying and fell on her knees and hands in the dirt. Her confidence was gone and fear of the future was all she had. She asked her beloved husband.

Quote: “How? Just how are we supposed to get back on our feet from this? And get the bull down again?”

And this is where the story presents its significant twist.

Farmer looked over his destroyed fields and noticed Tina with her ears all down. He got a chill of anxiety for the consequences of Tina turning Dark. He was so delighted to have a Rabbit living with all the possibilities she could bring, but now, he had zero to offer next to broken dreams.

Farmer approached Tina with hard words.

Quote: “I’m so sorry Tina. I’m sorry that you just moved out here and had to experience this. I will gladly help you to move to another village or back to King City. We hoped that we could give you a safe and happy place, but we are not worthy of having a Rabbit with us. We can’t ….”

The quote ended because he realized that no one was listening to him.

Tina was on her knees in front of Farmer Wife, who was still on her knees. Tina put her forehead against hers.

White magic sparkled from Tina as she spoke:

Quote: “I feel your pain.”

Farmer Wife stopped her sad crying and looked up at Tina. Everything around them shined bright and the miracle occurred with her accepting words

Quote: “I feel you too.”

The world around them blurred, nothing but them was important. They became one.

Oh, my dear High Queen, how we Elves have longed for this experience, we might be the supreme race to be born with the Moon Magic, but never have we achieved what only Humans can accomplish, to soulbond with the Rabbits and be one with their pure White Magic.

Farmer Wife hugged Tina with all her love that was returned by Tina.

Quote Farmer Wife: “Thank you for sharing your soul with me...”

Quote Tina: ”...and thank you for sharing yours with me.”

Farmer wife and Tina’s souls became one that moment, they now feel the joy and pain of every memory in their lives. The good and the bad.

Farmer Wife felt why Tina came to them and it scared her.

Quote: ”I feel your whole life now, you got heartbroken by the evil woman in that bad house? So you moved out of King City to turn Dark?”

Tina shared Framer Wife’s fear but returned it with her natural hope and happiness.

Quote: “I was ready to seek solitude and let the darkness take over to die by my sorrow. But then I met you.”

(Note for this report, I am still investigating what “Bad House” Tina was coming from.)

Tina and Farmer Wife returned to reality. They sat together in the dirt where a carrot suddenly grew between their fingers and popped up from the soil by their magic.

Farmer was backed a little in shock as he witnessed the miracle and spontaneously burst out his joy as he pointed at the growing carrot with big googling eyes.

Quote: “Wow. Did you two just soulbond? Look! We are saved!”

Then he started to dance happily around like a silly Human.

Farmer Wife was happy too but noticed their bull on the rooftop. Her concerns came back as she asked

Quote: “How are we getting that bull down?”

Tina the Rabbit smiled and replied.

Quote: “With magic.”

End of raport.

Yours Carøe, may the Moonshine be with you, my High Queen.