About Foxes

The Thieves, Assassins, and Mercenaries of the world, but are loyal to the Elves and can be a surprising ally when you don’t expect it.

The main thing to notice about the Foxes is; They are 100% non-magical and can't be affected by magic at all. They can see magic, and in some cases hidden object under magic may be invisible o them. Flying solid objects controlled by magic may hurt them, but don't trust it too much.

They are one big mixed family and every fox helps out every fox, it is common for the kids not exactly know who their parents are but all foxes treate them as if they were their own.

The Foxes are always a step ahead of everyone else and always are out for an easy score.

Not to be mistaken with the Goblins, they wish no chaos, only benefits for themselves.

Goblins and Foxes can easily hang out but that is only because the Foxes have some hidden plan for them.

Foxes hate when the Wolves show up, then they know the fun is over and there are no benefits to gain.

The Foxes can sense trouble coming long away but are too curious to flee from it.