Main characters

Bunneh the Rabbit

Bunneh is the special one. 

Eyes: Blue with purple. Her right eye turns red when she turns evil. 

Age: 15. 

Style: Skirt and blouse. Nothing fancy.

Fur: Brown with some white stripes.

Hair: Wild.


She tries to be cute and helpful as a real Rabbit is supposed to be, but she turns into a sadistic killer when Goblins are too close to her. Her personality will continuously change between good and evil, and her outcome will be unpredictable.


Bunneh’s goal is to honor her mother. She believes that she is the chosen one and that her life is part of a bigger meaning. She just needs to deal with her troubles.


Bunneh is the only one to be with Pure White and Dark magic at the same time. Bunneh is the only one to have the ability to learn how to control them both, but she keeps screwing it up. 

She is overpowered and has no idea what to do with it and might hurt her surroundings in her attempts to save it. 

It is not easy to be her. 

It is not easy to be with or against, or around her. 

The Priests have no idea what to do with her. 

The Rabbits don’t understand her. 

The Elves fear her but want her to fight their war. 

The Goblin Sharman wants her Dark Magic. 

And The Wolves are watching her. 

All she has is Mr. Hank, who believes in her.

Mr. Hank / Priest Hank Gluttencorft

Mr. Hank is the one that believes in Bunneh.

An old man with a white beard and a pointed hat.

Eyes: Green.

Age: Old.

Hair: Short.

Style: Casual, tunic and pants in brown/green colors.

Also dressed in dark-blue Priest Robe.


He is calm and a down-to-the-earth uncle type. 

He tries to plan ahead but always gets surprised by reality. 

Mr. Hank lives isolated and hidden in the Rabbit Forest where he has tried to train and take good care of Bunneh for the past 15 years. 


Mr. Hank wants to prove that Bunneh is the one and will do anything to help and guide her on her path, but he might not be the right person


He was a respected Priest and had helped many Rabbits in his past, but his decision to take care of Bunneh made him an outcast from the Priests. They do not want to deal with her. She is too dangerous for this world they said. 

The Fifth White King approved him to raise “Project Bunneh” and gave him all responsibility if it went wrong. 

He had a spark-love affair with the elven Princess Elvira in his youth.

Knight Capt’n Amir

Amir The Hero

Middle east good-looking warrior prince.

Age: 33 (prologue 18)

Eyes: Brown.

Style: Bodybuilder-shaped armor with a small red cape with the Royal logo. 

His chest plate has the captain logo on the left chest. A star in a rhombus.


The only one in the universe you can trust.


To always stand up for the weak.


Amir is a refugee prince from a hot desert land called Sand-ah.

His kingdom and land were destroyed and raided by the evil cult of Humans called Ursanias.

Amir was 13 years old and taken as a trophy, but his ship sank, and Amir was washed up at the bay of King City with his captive Helga. 

The old White King, The Fourth, took him in and gave him a good place as a prince, but Amir chose to be a Knight. 

Amir will do whatever he can to not let his new home suffer the faith of Sand-Ah.

The Goblin Shaman Globerg

Globerg is the main villain. 

Skin color. Dark brown-green.

Eyes: Pink.

Style: A human-sized Goblin. Hiding in a cape with a hood where his ears stick out. 

He has a staff with Bunneh’s mother’s foot as a talisman.


Evil, manipulating, and too smart for his own ego. 

Can’t be trusted, not even by other Goblins.


Globerg became the next Goblin Shaman after the Goblin War by finding Bunneh’s Mother’s foot and extracting the magic. 

Now he wants to know Bunnehs secret and use her power. 


More power and whatever chaos can provide to give him more power.


Helga is the only Ursanias on Yellowrod.

A buff innkeeper that can take care of herself.

Age: 40. 

Eyes: Dark red.

Style: Farmer Ursanias.


The only Ursanias on the island. She tries not to interfere too much with the kingdom and lives at her Inn as the last outpost before the Goblins Wasteland. 

She dreams of the day when her kind will find her and bring her home. Or simply overtake this kingdom somehow.


Whatever is best for her and gold might do the trick

She is the head of the secret Rabbit trafficking and has recruited some unknown people to live the Ursanias way.


The Ursanias have learned to soulbound with bears and get access to the destructive Red Magic by worshiping Ursa. The Red Magic is very dangerous and very addictive. The Ursanias are driven by selfish madness and will sacrifice all their love once to gain more for themselves.


The one that took Amir as a slave under the destruction of Sand-Ah and got washed up with him at King City. 

She tried to take her rights as a feard Usanians but she was alone out of magic and there were no bears on Yellowrod.