About Goblins

Goblins are green skins creatures with large heads and long pointy ears and noses. Sized as Rabbits. 4 fingers and toes only.

Eyes: BlackSStyle: Leather rags with fur. Very primitive. Scars are common. Weapons and tools are primitive too. No shoes.

They are the world's troublemakers and always up to no good.

They manipulate, lie and do whatever they can to never get bored. The Goblins newer plan ahead, they just do stuff to laugh off the outcome. They live to create chaos and have no regrets, and killing themselves in a spectacular silly way is conmen. Just for the laugh.

Goblins have something that Humans desireā€¦ Gold. Goblins are excellent gold diggers and have their strongholds to protect their mines. Original Goblins were dwellers and lived on minerals in the deeps. But with time they have adapted to the surface life.

Goblins are warriors in nature and will pick up any fight they can, but are easily defeated unless they come in numbers.

Goblins have the tendency to be the reason for turning Rabbits Dark by manipulating Humans.

Goblins are consumers of Dark Magic, and the more Dark Magic a Goblin gets, the more powerful it will be. Turning into a Goblin Shaman as final and Shamans can use the magic.

Some powerful Shamans can grant other Goblins power with their magic, creating other Shamans or fighting strong Dark Goblins.

Goblin Shamans

The masterminds of the Goblins.

They can control Dark Magic and always have a new plan to gain more Dark Magic from the Rabbits. Dark Magic is used by negative and destructive energy. Usual to set things on serious fire or control the mind of other Goblins.

Unlike normal Goblins, they are more patient and use the Goblin chaos to create diversions to hide their true agenda.

Some Goblin Shamans can give other Goblins Dark Magic to empower them, but mostly the Goblin gets scared and wants to die in a funny spectacular way and the transfer fails.

Dark Goblins

Charged with Dark Magic and within the era of a powerful source, the Goblin Shaman has given those Goblins a destructive aura of dark magic to typical defend their mines.

They are unusual seen in forests or other places with rich nature because the effect quickly wereas off those places.