About Wolves

The Wolf's only concerns are about the world's balance. They are Draconis Lunae’s (The Moone Dragon) ground force and the necessary evil. They don’t pick a side, they fight for the balance and you do not wish to interfere with their will. 

Wolves are the most powerful creatures in the world. They are the divines on earth. Feared by all. 

Mostly the Wolves keep themselves isolated in the south of the island at Wolfs Mountain and they only hunt at the full moon and they hunt everything they find edible. 

The Wolves get their magic and life source from the Moon. They share the Moon Magic with the Elves.

Wolves live in a strong hierarchy and are named after that: 

Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo. 

The kids are only called Pups until Alpha finds them grown up and suitable for a name and rank.


The male leader and the strongest of the wolves. 

Alpha is short-sighted, and convincing him of thoughts other than his own is tough. 

Whatever is wrong or right, no wolf does anything without his approval. 

Mating inside the hierarchy is allowed but no one touches Beta.


The Wife to Alpha. She is the fastest and most lean of them all. 

Beta has the closest connections to the Moon Dragon and the Moon Magic. 

Beta is the rank of the most suitable mate for Alpha and the one to bless the pack with new strong pups.


The soldier, the tank, the brute, and the dumb. 

Charlie is actually stronger than Alpha, but he dares not to challenge him and he does not own any leadership talent. He follows and does what is told. 

Charlie is the rank of scout.


An old female Wolf with a scar over her nose. She is wise and one that Alpha knows he has to listen to. 

Delta is the rank of knowledge and the one who brings wisdom to Alpha.


A young female that knows her place. But one day, she might be Beta. 

Her tail is fluffier than the others. 

The rank of Echo and below is not in Alpha’s concern, they are all the same to him, but he gives them names and ranks to feel a part of the pack.


A young boy Wolf by Alpha and Beta. 

Very cute and curious. 

The rank of Pup is just the pups. And they are all just pups until the day Alpha gives them a ranked name.