Beta team

Meet the Beta-team. The ones that have been given the entire script and gave valuable feedback to ensure that the story would stay in the quality that we wish to give you all.

Diego Palacios

When Jens asked me to do part 5 i got caught by surprise, but gladly accepted.

My job as one of the beta readers, was to be an eye from outside, checking grammar, characterization, writing and dialogue.

At first, beta reading a script can be tricky, because you need to understand the author's goals with their work and checking the script without the images can give a wrong impression. Jens did a great job mentioning the character's body language, emotions and tone, which made this task easier.

When i checked the script, many aspects were already solid like worldbuilding, characterization and some of the dialogues. The fact that i had lots of fun while reading the draft was already a good sign, but to make sure this project could fully reach it's potential, it was important to pay attention to any potential mistake of any kind.

Here are some tips for people who will beta read a project and want to help as much as they can.

1-Don't be afraid to be honest: If someone takes their work seriously and want to improve they expect you to be upfront about what can be improved. Of course, politeness is never a bad approach, as long as you can be straight to the point.

For example, if a character ends up unintentionally unsympathetic is good to mention why.

2-Context matters: while checking for grammar, i took a different approach when checking for the goblin's dialogue. Because they speak in a primitive manner, grammar checks were not relevant, but it was fundamental to make sure readers would get what they meant. Fun fact: Some are way smarter than their speech may make you think.......

3-Don't be afraid to ask questions: Sometimes when i didn't understand what a character meant, i directly asked Jens about it. With that answer i could give the best suggestion for the situation. Sometimes, there doesn't need to be a correction, like when a character deliberately misname other.

4-Applaud the strong points: yes, feedback is important, and most of the time one spends helps correcting the weakest points, but explaining what resonated with you and why, can also help the author. This not only works as encouragement, but can also help them reach their vision better.

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A few weeks ago, after I became a beta reader, Jens asked me if I could do some research about one of his characters Mia. So here is what I found: 

Did I find Mia? I found a lot out about her and then again nothing. Like she's a walking enigma of some sorts. For example there are more theories than hard facts surrounding her. Her origins for example: 

We know she's an orphan, but, BUT, she couldn't be "just" an orphan. She could be like a reborn second body of the goddess Ursa, or an illegitimate child from the fallen king. That would explain the connection why she may hate the wolves or her connection with knight Amir. (or as you mentioned somewhere that she's not the granddaughter of the evil emperor ; P).

In some way, the death of the queen five years ago could be connected to Mia too. Or, as some forum-goers mentioned, Bunneh's mother, which can't be true because we saw her already. But it is possible that Bunneh's mother turned (or did reborn) as Mia to keep an eye on her.

 Also, what confused me how she can be an orphan living with Gerda and living together with Bunneh and Mr. Hank. Also, Mr. Hank is suspicious. Like he mentioned that Mia shouldn't talk about herself (which can give more proof of her past as the granddaughter of the evil emperor. Would also explain why she has to be nice and helpful to others not following in the footsteps of the evil heritage.)

 Mr. Hank was a sorcerer too in the past, am I right? He's now an ex-sorcerer... Did he work for the mad king, maybe?!! His knowledge about magic could be important, too, because Mia has magic powers in her left eye, which he can keep under control whenever it is activated so Mia won't suffer from the side effects. So many mysteries... 

Only time will tell what the truth is (because my brain can't keep up with that much thinking. 

I found this forum thread very interesting and I bet that Jens Richard have more clues around the internet

Jens Richard Interview with the main characters

P. S. Sorry for the mess my handwriting is. 

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Krissy Halo


I was one of the beta readers and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. :sweat_smile: I have never been a beta reader before, so I felt a bit of pressure to do a good job at it. But it turned out well! In fact, reading an actual script helped me see what ideas I can come up with whenever I make a script (it might be a while XD). 

Anyway, here are a few tips that I have learned from doing beta reading:

Take your time- Engross yourself in the story, the world, and its characters. That way you can see where the author is going in the story and give them good feedback on what you have seen in the story.

Compliment the author!-They've worked really hard to make the story the way that they wanted to and sharing it with beta readers can take a lot of courage (I know that it would for me personally). So aside from the critique, compliment them on all of the good parts of the story!

Personally, I can't wait to see this as a full-fledged comic. It's gonna be great!! 

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Azifri is a good friend of mine from Tapas. We have crossed path several times and she is always a pleasant to work with.

Her feedback from reading the script gave me a lot of thinking about, especial when she pointed out the obvious logic mistakes in my plots.

I'm very happy to have her in my team and looking forward to work even more with her in the future.

- Jens Richard

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The Mentor: Ratique

Before Ratique became the Creator Happiness Manager at Tapas, we became online friends at Tapas Forum. I asked her to look at my first draft of the script for Bunneh, mostly because I had no idea if I was going in any good directions with this. 

After her reading and her giving some valid feedback, I became trusted with my work. There was a huge work ahead for me, but there was no doubt I had a story worth reading and with the right care, it would be what I dream it could be. 

An original timeless fantasy story.

Thank you for believing in me Ratique.

-Jens Richard

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