About Elves

The Elves are the main population and rulers of the entire world of Crea by the Elven High Queen, blessed by the Moon Dragon herself. 

They are the keeper of the world's history and claim to know the secrets of life, death, magic, and all of the divines. 

They are all born with the protective Moon Magic that gives them the power to bend the will of nature. 

Humans respect and fear the presence of Elves and wish not to upset or make them uncomfortable. They want to be on their good side to learn from them. 

Unlike Humans, they can not soulbound with other species but share a special bond with the non-magical Foxes.

Elven magic

The older they get, the more power and understanding they get from the Moon Magic, and they could live forever. 

Moon Magic is used for positive life energy and mainly for protection or control of nature. Therefore the Elves usually live in the forest and try to avoid the wastelands where the Goblins live.

Princess Elvira Isabell

The daughter of the High Queen.

Eyes: Blue. 

Hair: White, long, and loose but with a center merge. 

Style: Silk rope and everything is light. 

Her sleeves have pins looking like leaves in green glass.


Never-ending care of her people and friends.

Goal: Save her people and help out the Human kingdom Yellowrod.

She is the Elven represented on Yellowrod and connected the worlds with her Moon Ship. 

Every other attempt on sailing had only been a deadly catastrophe from or to Yellowrod. 

She loves her people and does not fear making difficult decisions for the greater good.


The strongest and most bad-ass Elven Warrior ever. 

He is the ultimate loyal backup you could ever have.


Keep Elvira and her allies safe. He takes no decision without her blessing and will not back off his mission of keeping her safe. 

Do not test this dude. He is as strong and fast as any Elven warrior ever could be.


Too noble, too posh, with a too-long nose. 

His hair is long and shining white. 

Dressed in a purple robe with too many symbols.

Owner of the Elven Alchemist in King City.

And the one to write about Yellowrod to the Elven High Queen.