Nathan McWilliams

The lead artist

Hello! I'm Nathan McWilliams,

I've been drawing and creating throughout my entire life, but only within the last five years have I been taking it seriously. I'm very passionate about my craft and am always finding new ways to push myself. Passion drives me to put as much effort as I can in every project I work on.

For the last three years I've been drawing and writing my own series Dragon Sparking, an endeavor I'd been planning for almost two decades. And then...Jens Richard approached me about Bunneh. I've got a few experiences I'd like to share, because this is something that changed how I viewed not only myself, but also how to work with others.

Number 1 is that I was absolutely floored when Jens approached me to do this project. I had seen him searching for collaboration partners throughout the years on the forums. I was tempted the first couple times to say something. Only I didn't. And why? I'm a nobody in the webcomic world. Had nothing to offer, really, I was just muddling around with my own comic and hoping it went places.

But...see...what other people see in you is different from what you see in yourself. And this became evident as someone sought me out.

Number 2, I joined up with Jens in 2019, and the ride has been wild, this is probably the biggest project I've taken on. It's been challenging sometimes, as anything worthwhile usually is. But I've come out the other side stronger for it, can't wait to see what the rest of the years holds.

Okay...time for some Tips. As I mentioned before, I'm not anyone special as an artist, but I do have pride in my work.

Tip 1:Get along with your writer

Collaborating is a lot like commission work, though you'll work together with your writer far longer than a commissioner. I think it's a good idea to establish a friendship, this way you'll be able to understand where they're coming from and be able to anticipate what they want.

Tip 2: Learn to be flexible

Making comics is a long term endeavor. Be prepared to change things as you go. Don't get too tied up with a picture, because it might not line up with the writer's vision. I suggest having two options in mind, and providing alternate takes on a panel when you can.

Secondarily to this, it's important to be always learning new things regarding your craft. Having more tools at your disposal makes you more flexible.

Tip 3: Be patient

Last one. As I mentioned before, comics is a long game. Not every single panel you draw will be perfect. Sometimes you may not see eye to eye with your writer. And other times, you may feel like you're not able to make even one line.

Have mercy on yourself, and take some time to get your wits together. Have mercy on your writer, work with them until you solve the problem. Take a breath, and keep pushing on when you're ready.

I hope this was interesting to read, and helpful in some way. And at the very least, now you've seen a different perspective on comics. Hope you enjoy everything to come!

-Nathan McWilliams

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