The concept artist and colorist

As a usual forum dweller I've been following Jens Richard's work for quite a long time, including his collaboration projects. From the outside they seemed like a great experience with awesome results, but one way or the other I couldn't join due to not having enough time or because I learnt about the offer way too late.

That's why when Jens asked for some beta readers for the Bunneh project I needed to and as I kept reading the script I knew that it was something I wanted to see in the world.

The least thing I was expecting was Jens asking me to join the project as a concept artist. It turned out to be the perfect task for me. I couldn't handle full comic making but just designing and rendering concepts was something I could fit in my work. Also I just happen to love the visual design part of projects, so I took the offer right away.

I haven't been working with Jens and Nathan for too long, but so far it's been a great experience and I do believe we're making something big. They're a great team with a great story that you will love once it's out. Until then, keep an eye open for Bunneh!

Now, time for some tips on being a concept artist. I'm quite new to collaborations, but I've already learnt a few things:

Tip 1: Know the story

First thing to have in mind is that the designs must serve the story, not the other way around. Read it all the times you need until you feel like you have a good grasp on the world and characters. Know your genre and the tone of the story. Is is fantasy or sci-fi? Is it more lighthearted or grim horror? You won't design something as simple as a spoon the same way for each case stated above.

Tip 2: Contrast vs Cohesion

Try to put interesting details on each design depending on who owns it and what's used for. Some examples from this project, you can't draw the house of the rich baker the same way you designed the orphanage. Still be careful with pushing it too far, there has to be some cohesion still in the designs of the buildings in the same city. Balancing contrast and cohesion is quite the task, but you can always check some pictures from the real world to help you through. Remember, references are your friends!

Tip 3: Communicate!

Don't be afraid of asking the rest of the team. This is a group project after all, so if you can't really work something out and you need some input on it they'll be the best kind of help you can get. Be it some strange angle on the rooftops or a extra room that just doesn't fit, even if it's the smallest detail, just ask it right away.

In the same way, always be open to change! Maybe you loved a certain detail but it just doesn't work. Then it's time to put it in storage to use it elsewhere. Usually that way things end up looking much better than they first did!

And that was all on my end, hope it could be of some help. See you soon!

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