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Bunneh The Rabbit

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Bunneh The Rabbit

The Rabbits are the essence of life among us, but Bunneh is a different Rabbit. She is born with darkness. 

Bunneh’s story is about a Rabbit fighting against her evil nature to become the chosen one. Only a few know about her, and they all fear her to be too dangerous for this world. All she has is the old former priest Mister Hank who believes her. But he may not be the right mentor for her and loses his way quickly. 

Little does Bunneh know about the world outside of the isolated Island where she lives. But the world of Crea needs her now. 

Ursa, the goddess of destruction has escaped the realm of divines and lurks somewhere in the world of the living. A Human tribe called The Ursanians has found a way to use her presence to become overpowered and purge the lands with madness. Even the blessed Elven High Queen is challenged, and world peace is in danger.

Bunneh only wishes to honor her mother's sacrifice and believes her faith is written for something greater. She must seek balance, and alliances and convince the world and herself that she isn’t the threat, but the hope. Unless the Goblins get too much in her way and she will give into her darkness and destroy us all.

This is an original fantasy-comedy and action story about keeping the balance between good and evil and where everything is constantly on the edge of a new doom.   

It's a passion and long-termed hard work for the entire team to bring you this new timeless story about a Rabbit that might destroy the world in her attempt to save it.


Join the world of Bunneh and dig deeper into the universe.