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”Bunneh The Rabbit”

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Bunneh The Rabbit

This is an original fantasy-comedy and action story about keeping the balance between good and evil and where everything is constantly on the edge of a new doom.   

It's a passion and long-termed hard work for the entire team to bring you this new timeless story about a Rabbit that might destroy the world in her attempt to save it. 

The first issue of Bunneh will come in 2024.
Stay tuned for our first Kickstarter on Indiegogo in February 2023

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Join the world of Bunneh and dig deeper into the universe. 

While we wait for the big comic "Bunneh The Rabbit" to come out, we will share some small stories on Tapas from the universe where Bunneh comes from. 

It is all centered on the little isolated island called Yellowrod. Even though the world of Crea might be a big place, this is where all the packed action and drama happens. You find no other small place with such huge troubles.

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