Jens Richard

From the first idea of Bunneh. Born in the mobile game Pocket Build

The writer

The Journey of Bunneh started with me playing the mobile game Pocket Build. Here I made small stories with screenshots for the amusement of their Discord server. Out from that one special character was born.
Bunneh The rabbit.

As a writer I took inspiration from behind the scene from "Finding Nemo". One of the reasons they had success with that story was the many many re-writes. What works? How could this be more fun? It is like molding a sculpture.

After 2 years of writing and reading and studying what makes a good story I found out something:

"It is not the story, but the way the story is told through the characters."

An example of that is the first Star Wars movie that came out, episode 4, A New Hope.

It is a very simple plot: An evil dark knight kidnapping the princess and has a doom device, a young boy losing everything and meeting a wizard, and saving the world with help from some funny friends.

How simple is that? Or is it?

Star Wars is not simple, every character has a solid background, everything in the world has a huge plot, politics, and rules. But the great thing about how Star Wars is, you do not need to nerd yourself into that background to enjoy the story but you can feel there is more to it. Everything is connected.

So I started to take my Bunneh on her journey and every time she would meet something or someone I asked the question: "Who are they and where did they come from?" and I started to write that story too.

Then I took the story from the top again to see where that side story or character would fit in the main story, still told in an entertainment manner without boring the reader with heavy lore. But it is there to be found.

After 2 years of writing, and having professional friends to look over my shoulders, I started to look for an artist.

After many good attempts, and some not that great, I found Nathan McWilliams. We had crossed path before and respected each other and I knew he would delever the style that I wanted for friends. After two solid years of working with the project, we decided to find a concept artist and colorist to help Nathan, because we realized that this story has become a real product to be made. Not just a hobby. I have watched Chita for a long time, she is a stunning artist who is truly pleasant to work with and someone that I almost didn't dare to ask. Luckely I did and she agreed to join the team.

Some good advice for writers.

  • Embrace your input

It is your story and your characters and your vision and your world, but, you need to embrace the way the artists can tell the same story, but better.
The more alive your team is, the more alive your story will be told.

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