Rabbit Forest and Villages

Wood Town

At the center of the island, in the heart of the Rabbit Forrest you find a small Human village named Wood Town. It is most known for the caring and appreciated farmer and his wife that operates the location.
This village is the biggest supply of carrots to King City.

There are many stories to tell from the small locations in Rabbit Forrest, but the story of Wood Town is one of the best. It even have made it into an official scroll by the High Queen reporter Carøe.


Littleberg, is the poor village at the east end of the island and it is said to be the village where no other people want to live. It is where the less fortunate and miserable try to make a linging. The Elves never come here, the Foxes are only represented by the local nutcase “Crazy ‘ol Vulpus” who is a Human believing he’s a Fox.

Helga's Inn

A rebuilt war outpost made into an Inn located between Rabbit Forest and Goblin Wasteland.

There is a crossroad from the forest, one for Goblin Land across the wasteland and one back to the forest and King City.

There are still some leftovers from the war. A broken watchtower and some barricades.

At the side of the Inn there is a nice Rabbit home where Helga welcomes any Dark Rabbits as the last chance of recovery. (Or so she claims)

Between the Inn and the Rabbit home there is a woodcutter stand and a goat chained to a pole.

Some random chickens are walking around and her special for breakfast is a nice hot chicken soup.

Helga has decorated her house in some Ursanias style and claims it to be an official Uranias ambassade which newer have been confirmed by the White King.

Mr. Hank's shack

A small shack that Mr. Hank calls home. Here he have been raising Bunneh for the last 15 years.
The place is well hidden and often patrolled by the Wolves to keep nocie Foxes and others away.